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Apr. 3rd, 2009


A much needed update~

Ok so i've been meaning to post lately, but have had no time to....uhh this semester is really started to ware me out. Too much stuff to do and too little time. But when I think about it, i only have a little over a month until finals. This year went by so fast, and I'm been doing a lot of thinking about 'how have a changed in the past year' or 'what was i doing last year' I do that sometimes and i'm always surprised, because I always think, wait it was that long ago, it feels like it's just been a few months. Like this time last year, i had just started watching a lot more dramas such as gokusen 2,  yukan club, one pound gosphel,  and became a huge KAT-TUN fangirl lol. I still can't believe that it's already been over a year since LIPS came out. Or that it's been over a year since Cherry Saku Yuuki came out and almost a year for Gokutama Rock Cafe. A lot has happen in the past year.....lol

Well the drama season is pretty much over which is some what of a good thing...(besides no more Mizushima and Takeru as bros....). But that means a little bit of a break from subbed projects, even though i still have a pile of things i still have to do, but at least there's less pressure. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a series this season or not. It would be nice to get caught up on my other stuff for my other groups. Plus I would give me more time for studying(which i really need to do). But then i also remember the ill be done roughly around May 11....meh i decide soon lol.

Oh so ever since Super Junior came out with Sorry, Sorry, i've been gettting into them more, because i love that song. And so the other day i was just looking on my f-list and saw a 'dorky vid' of a two of them durring their radio show(sorry i dont remember who it was right now, and am too lazy to go find it, maybe later) but anyways at that time was actually listen to Mirotic, and paused it so i could listen to the video of course. So i hit play then all of a sudden i hear Mirotic againa and was like why did it start playing again, i paused it. And then i realized it was the video hahaha, thank god my roomate wasn't home because i could help but just bust out laughing, the video was so cute too lol.

Hmm what else....oh my roomate has been getting really annoying lately. I won't go into that, just on the off chance that she would some how find this hahaa. I need to start being smarter with my money lol i need to save a lot more. Meh i getting tired from the dark light in here. Oh yeah, I'm at Dunn Bros. Coffee again because for some reason i can't get online at home unless i use an ethernet cord. Which sucks because my long cord is at school and the one that i have a home is only 3 feet......yea so i have to sit like right next to the stupid thing.

I guess I'll cut it there since i have a low battery.

Oh yea and I'm going to start selling all of the extra stufff that i have that i dont need, so look forward to that. lol

Jan. 12th, 2009


(no subject)

Ok so I'm really just wanting to see if an ljcut will work for me

So I figured that I'll post some of the crappy screen shots I took of Nakai's drama festival

these are mostly of Mizushima Hiro and Ikuta Toma (with some Sato Takeru)---image heavy

Plz work for onceCollapse )

Jan. 10th, 2009


So last night I went to trivia with a group of my friends. ******* invited me, and I wasn't doing anything so I went. Even though somehow I got really busy. I had to qc and I started timing on shokura 12.14, which I finished today. Well of what I got so far, hopefully with the weekend will come more of the translations, because I can't wait til we finish this project. But yea anyways my one of my best friends who goes to college in Missouri( i dont know why she choose there) calls me up and is like 'oh I'm leaveing Sunday, we're going to do buffalo wild wings tonight. can you come?'........>-<.....there was no way that i could say no to her so i went and then afterwards rushed over to trivia bc I didn't want to be late. But I get there and there weren't that many people who beat me, but as we're being seated, the waitress says ' o and just so you know there's no trivia tonight' wat?!?!?!?!?! well we stayed anyways bc ppl were already on their way. So we just hung out for a while and then went over to friends house after. Nothing really eventfully happened but I guess it was better than being at home. Only thing was i dont know why but I always feel really awkward around Drew. lol And it didn't help that he walked me to my car(nice jesture tho)I think he likes me......mehhhh!!!! o well I deal with it when I have to.

Well this morning I woke up and there was like 7 inches of snow(yesterday there was pretty much none bc it had melted) So I got to shovel that...goody fun lol. And then I came in and finished the timing while I was doing various other things. O! I was soo glad to see that there was another G no Arashi with a new half confession. Sho was so funny the entire time....reactions were great. Bah!! it's late....well I guess early since is actually morning. But I can't sleep (hence why I'm actually writing in my journal)

Oh I just remember NEW dramas start next week!!!.....but that also reminds me that I still haven't finished some of the ones from last season. I guess that's wat I'll be doin tomorrow after I get my haircut. Unless it snows a lot....then it'll be all that I'm doing tomorrow haha.
Well I guess I'll leave it at that bc I'm going to try to sleep.

Jan. 7th, 2009


So I finally got around to changing my layout and I'm ok with it lol. One of the reasons I didn't change it was I would find a profile or header that I really liked but then I would have a bunch and I wouldn't know what to pick. I didn't know weather to go with an actor one, or a visual kei one, or a jpop one...and I'm very indecisive so I just didn't change it lol. Well I just got really bored and really tired of the plainness of my journal so I decided I'd make a header of my own. I'm happy with it even though part of the top is cut off and some of the font coloring is iffy. But I got 'the best of both worlds' (cheesy I know I know....I fail...)but now I got my visual kei and jpop. Plus I just love those pictures of them anyways.

I guess I'll do a little update on my life. I'm on winter break so I've been getting caught up on drama and anime series...the list just keeps getting bigger!!! But that's mostly because I keep finding more and more dramas that I want to watch hehehe.Oh, and now I'm in firebeat fansubs, TimeLesSubs, and just joined himitsu-subs. I got the last episode of Bloody Monday(tear it's over....*hopes for a special*)and omg so many surprises and that's all that I'll say. Let's see, next season I'll be working on VOICE and RESCUE, and I'm signed up to do Shounen Club (2008.12.14)....and I can't wait for it. Mmmm what else, oh Anime Milwaukee is coming up, which is the convention that our anime club runs. So far I'm staff/volunteer, and since we need more panels I'm thinking about doing one on j-music, je, dramas, or something of that nature. I'm in the charity auction, and I'm going to cosplay as Sumeragi from Gundam 00, and I've just started it so I'm getting more excited. Though I'm kind of worried bc I have know idea who will win me....hopefully not a creepy old guy(ewwww).

Well I should get back to QCing(it was a good break while it lasted)

Nov. 23rd, 2008



So I just got back form the DIR EN GREY concert and omg do I look trashed lol. And I probably smell really bad but who cares all my room mates are gone. Anyways......IT WAS SOOOO FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!! O at first i was like to the right and probably back 10 people or so. It was ok but I couldn't settle for that so i made my way up. I eventually got to like 2 people away from the fence, CENTER!! right infront of Kyo!!!!! kyaaa~~~~

Kyo was sexy as ever, and did his sexy dance throughout the entire concert which was awesome. Toshiya came edge of the stage a couple times and once he came like right infront of me and I just about died. Shinya was jamming out on his drums, and looked so cool and smexy doing it, i wish he could of been closer(even though it's not really possible lol). Die pretty much just stayed where he was, he moved back towards Shinya every now and then. But he never came to the front:( It was funny though because there was a fan on him so his hair was like blowing in the wind the entire time. It looked as if he was doin a photo shoot or something, but he looked totally hot the whole time lol. And Kaoru i didn't see much of, he was off to the left and seemed to be in the dark most of the time.
I have no clue what the set list is any more lol. but when they were done everyone just started yelling DIR EN GREY!!!!! clapping making what ever noise we could. and then finally they came back out!!!! and we all just flipped!!! and they play 4 or 5 songs and they pretty much were all really fast pasted and it was just amazing, i can't think of any thing more to say then that was probably the best concert i've been to so far in my life(and i've been to a lot of concerts)

But afterwards if you had a CD you could get it signed by the band (i didn't have one bc i already have it, but i stuck around en ways) We were in the front of the line and then all of a sudden i was like 'OMG!! it's Die and Kaoru!!!!' and my friends got their cd's signed and i didn't have one so i got a hang shake!!!! yes that's right i touched them!!!!! I think I've finally calmed down lol.

i dont think that i can go to sleep for at least a couple of hours, o man what a great night!!!

Nov. 12th, 2008

(no subject)

Ahhh...Just finished watching Hana Yori Dango Final.....and I proud that I didn't cry lol. I'm kind of sad that it's over, but I guess it can't last forever (or can it lol). The only thing that I didn't like about it is what happens to Rui??? Does he just stay alone forever?? And they don't even say if he's going to take over the company or what.Poor Rui....

Anyways today I had a pretty bad day. I almost fainted in the middle of my art survey class because they show a preformance piece that was really graphic, and i was already not feeling good so yea. And then because of it I had to miss another class, but my teacher understood(thank god). But other than that lifes goin pretty well, confusing but that's how things go. College is fun and I'm making a lot of new friends but it's funny because most of them help add to the fact the Japanese (language and culture) is taking over my life haha. But that's not a bad thing right?(well maybe for my wallet)

Oh yea Dir en Grey's North American tour is pretty much perfect timing. And I can't wait to go,I'm goin the 22nd of November. I was going to go alone at first but a couple people from jaa (anime club lol) seem interested in going. That and my friend Joe wants me to go with his friend because she afraid of going alone, which I'm totally cool with, I just hope I get to meet her before.

I'll probably start writing more posts so I'll cut it off here lol

Sep. 20th, 2008


Yea I should being doing my stetches for my drawing class but I don't really feel like it. That and I love the new Antic Cafe pictures!!!. So this is all for them.

*Also on a 'kind of' random note. The other day I wore my An Cafe shirt (that I made) and I was walking through the cafeteria and this girl just points at me and is like "You have great taste in music!!" That was already a good day and that made it a great day!. I was so happy that some knew them...besides all the asian people who just stared at me.


Sep. 19th, 2008


So I haven't posted in awhile, and don't have time to do icons right now.

Sooooo I figured I'd post a video of an animation project I had to do for my 2D concepts class.

On The Run

Aug. 29th, 2008


Takuya Fanart

So a little over a week ago when I went to San Fran I got bored on the plane so I drew Takuya!

I'll just use the urls now, bc lj won't let me do cuts.(I'll fix it later when lj stops hating me)

Ok so this is the picture that I went off of

this way to takuya

and this is my drawing which I might change in it a couple days cause there were some minor things that I fixed yesterday(that and I'm not sure if i'll do the fence or not, let me know what you think i should do) but forgot to take a picture.


Icons(since lj hates me today)

So here's the other icons that I mention in my post awhile ago. I was going to post a picture that i drew of takuya(antic cafe) but for some reason lj won't let me do a cut....so yea.

Kis-My-Ft2 [38]

Miura Haruma [12]

Koike Teppei [6]

Kamaji Yusuke [3]


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